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Updated 2023-10-14
My PhD thesis and a few related articles Prologue
Between 2003 and 2017 I worked at the Technical University of Civil Engineering from Bucharest, where I made a PhD thesis, among other things, so since 2012 I own an officially recognized piece of cardboard with the word doctor written on it, which I have no use for, because I don't work there any more. I think the thesis might be interesting though. I also wrote some articles, all related to computer programs that I made. The first 2 articles were published in some publications (details below) and the other 3 are published only here. There are some serious problems with the publications to which people usually submit such articles. To find out more, you can read about Aaron Swartz (^), who died because of them.
The thesis
Contributions to the study of embankment and slope seismic stability
The thesis mostly refers to some programs I made for evaluating the stability of slopes with limit equilibrium methods and for performing nonlinear static and dynamic analyses using the finite element method, under plane strain conditions. It's in Romanian, but it includes mathematical relations and has some coloured pictures in the second half. An approximate translation of pages 47...55 and 61...77 can be found in the documentation of mtslope-3.0.0 and mtfem-2.0.0, respectively.
Download osThesis.pdf

MD5: f2656d55a9b687cc6382899172aba554
Page 101 shows the results of an analysis made with a proprietary program, which I didn't want to include, because I don't want to advertise any commercial product and I find the use of nonfree software in education unacceptable, but I was pressured. However, I didn't use the program myself, I don't know how to use it and I'm not interested. A colleague made the calculations for me, got the results wrong (as should be obvious from the image) and said something like Just put the picture there and say you got the same results as with your program, because nobody cares anyway. Right.
A program for analysing a pile under lateral loading
Proceedings, 17th European Young Geotechnical Engineers' Conference (^), Zagreb, Croatia, 20-22 July 2006, ISBN 953-95486-0-8, page 407, 4 pages

The fee for Conference attend[...]ance, including the Conference Proceedings, accommodation in a student dormitory, meals, and coffee during breaks, Technical Visit and social events is offered at the subsidized rate of 350 EUR per delegate.

At least they accepted the article in PDF format.
Download osArt1.pdf

MD5: 12d1b2e22d74827b87f6ee7fc54a6f14
Aspects related to the use of the finite element method for modelling soil behaviour under cyclic and dynamic loading. Applications in slope stability analysis
Scientifc Journal - Mathematical Modelling in Civil Engineering, Volume7, No. 1-2, March 2011, ISSN 2066-6926, page 258, 7 pages
Download osArt2.pdf

MD5: f5deb0474a86ec160457827904b0df53
The journal is from 2011, but the conference was in 2010 and, as can be seen, I hadn't yet figured out quite all the theory properly. Also, all the mathematical relations in the file above are converted into images. This is not how the article was published in the journal. Apparently, somebody transcribed all the relations with some Micro$oft program, for reasons beyond my comprehension, because they were looking just fine.
Aspects related to the use of plane finite elements for the calculation of deformations
Download osArt3.pdf

MD5: 3a08eb9749831ab57e97c36396d3a9f4
This article and the next one were rejected from publication in publications, because they were not in Micro$oft's format (that's what I was told). I used OpenOffice to write all of them and had some serious problems converting the previous (2nd) one, because Micro$oft's file formats are either not standardized or standardized by fraud (^), so I submitted the 3rd and 4th articles in OpenDocument format, along with a CD with LibreOffice for Window$, which nobody cared about.

Microsoft has compromised the International Standards Organisation (ISO) [...], using unfair practices such as [...] political interventions of ministers in the standardization process.

Aspects related to the use of the Mohr-Coulomb model in seismic slope stability analyses
Download osArt4.pdf

MD5: 87bd4999272c234058e7853f6704ef3e
The finite element model from page 6 is missing a few parameters: E = 13200 kPa, ν = 0.45 and α = 0. The file with the input data (slope1s) is included in mtfem-2.0.0.tar.gz.
A free computer program for the analysis of 3-dimensional frames
Download osArt5.pdf

MD5: 403cdb2c2a03c753b1536bf0c8b43f17
Because of the problems I had with the previous articles, I refrained from including any mathematical relations in this one, so that I could convert it into the requested format using OpenOffice and without any problem. It was rejected under the pretext that it didn't look like a scientific article or something like that, so I just got tired of all this nonsense and obviously stopped submitting any more articles anywhere. I mentioned OpenOffice instead of LibreOffice because I used Fedora Core 6 until 2018.
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