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Updated 2023-01-17
Piano songs The Storm (Friedrich Burgmüller)
My (current) version (video)
Download msmvStorm.webm

MD5: 9f0218b26abef0bbabc9ab9d0c9f74c5
Better (and slightly faster) version and related songs
*Ф.Бургмюллер, этюд "Гроза", исп. Артем Журавель, рук. Пелех Л.Г.
*Rondo alla Turca, Op.68, No.3 (Burgmüller) | Alexi Heroux
*March of the Trolls (Grieg) | Alexi Heroux
Canon (Johann Pachelbel)
My version (audio)
Download msmvCanon.ogg

MD5: b236bfed830c4972fd3463c1e260f467
Better versions and related videos
*Libera Sanctus based on Canon by Pachelbel
*Libera Sanctus II
*Alphaville - Forever Young ~Official Video
*Pachelbel Rant from 2006 [Official High Quality Re-Post]
Theme from Schindler's List (John Williams)
My version (audio)
Download msmvTheme.ogg

MD5: 9b7d04527c276191ed869b06f81a908d
Better version and related songs
*Theme From Schindler's List
*Theme Of Sadness
*Israeli children sing Hatikvah | national anthem of Israel
*Smetana: Vltava (The Moldau)
River Flows in You (Yiruma)
My version (video)
Download msmvRiverFlowsInYou.webm

MD5: 26ad54a383edc3846959cbea30472971
Better versions
*Yiruma - River Flows in You Kiss the Rain / Twilight Piano
*100226.Yiruma -River Flows in You(Vocal. Yiruma)
*Oscar Stembridge plays a Steinway grand piano.
Seeds of Love (Devil May Cry)
My version (video)
Download msmvSeedsOfLove.webm

MD5: 582aee3afe9a861d699b4ef85ea658a2
Music sheet
PDF file available at ichigos.com;
Human-readable format available here (JPG).
Computers and People (magazine)
From Computers and People magazine, Jan.-Feb., 1988:
Download Computers_and_People_V37_N01-02_198801.pdf

MD5: 1bc63316317aa3886b2ae509e3da91ff
Page 25:
"Music shouldn't be a spectator sport, but it's become completely passive. Most of us now experience music not even by going to concerts but by putting on a record or CD. In previous centuries most people played piano. When something new came out, you 'd get the sheet music and play through it. You got your hands on it. You can't play a new Frank Zappa or Boulez piece on the piano, even if you're Pierre Boulez. I think we've lost something major." Penguin playing piano, publicdomainvectors.org
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