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Updated 2024-02-05
About this site Introduction
I made this site to show some things that I've done, especially computer programs (all free) and also to share what I know, think, like or don't like with whoever might be interested. You won't find any cookies or advertisements here and everything can be accessed without JavaScript. I did write some programs in JavaScript, but they are all available for download (example), so you can run them offline, not necessarily with the same browser you use to access the internet. You should disable JavaScript when you access the internet.
Fair use
Below are an excerpt from a Romanian law, i.e. Art. 35, Law 8/1996-03-14 and its English translation.

(1) Sunt permise, fără consimțământul autorului și fără plata vreunei remunerații, următoarele utilizări ale unei opere aduse anterior la cunoștința publică, cu condiția ca acestea să fie conforme bunelor uzanțe, să nu contravină exploatării normale a operei și să nu îl prejudicieze pe autor sau pe titularii drepturilor de utilizare:
b) utilizarea de scurte citate dintr-o operă, în scop de analiză, comentariu sau critică ori cu titlu de exemplificare, în măsura în care folosirea lor justifică întinderea citatului;
d) reproducerea pentru informare și cercetare de scurte extrase din opere, în cadrul bibliotecilor, muzeelor, filmotecilor, fonotecilor, arhivelor instituțiilor publice culturale sau științifice, care funcționează fără scop lucrativ;
e) reproducerile specifice realizate de bibliotecile accesibile publicului, de instituțiile de învățământ sau de muzee ori de către arhive, care nu sunt realizate în scopul obținerii unui avantaj comercial sau economic, direct ori indirect;

Translation: (1) The following uses of a work previously brought to public knowledge are permitted, without the consent of the author and without payment of any remuneration, provided that they are in accordance with good customs, do not contravene the normal exploitation of the work and do not prejudice the author or the holders of the rights of use:
b) the use of short quotes from a work, for the purpose of analysis, commentary or criticism or as an example, to the extent that their use justifies the length of the quote;
d) the reproduction for information and research of short extracts from works, within libraries, museums, film libraries, sound libraries, archives of public cultural or scientific institutions, which operate without profit;
e) specific reproductions made by libraries accessible to the public, educational institutions, museums or archives, which are not made for the purpose of obtaining a commercial or economic advantage, directly or indirectly;

This site is not made for the purpose of obtaining any commercial or economic advantage, it's accessible to the public and I think it can be, in principle, considered as much of an archive as archive.org, for instance. References for videos and images are in the titles of the download links or of the images, or included in the images, unless otherwise specified:

<a href="..." title="...">
<img src="..." title="...">

All videos and images here are modified and I always add subtitles to videos. Below is a fragment from a video that I found on the internet.
Download newabsFairUse.webm

MD5: 15880aecd0e9f23eff8ad3afec5aa3e1
To find the source of a quotation, look above it for the closest or second closest link to a file stored on this site, usually archive.php (^), but it can also be a PDF file, an image or a video. The quote below is from the video above.

Both UK & US law allow for users to reproduce, distribute, or exhibit portions of copyrighted books, motion pictures, video tapes, video discs, or digital files under certain circumstances without authorization of the copyright holder.
This infringement of copyright is called "fair use" and is allowed for purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching and parody. Abusing the copyright system to stifle criticism is a criminal offence.

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