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JoJo Rock - Reach for the Stars
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JoJo Rock - Reach for the Stars

If you reach for the stars
and you bring back the moon,
then you’re almost there,
then you’re almost there,
so don’t give up.

[Verse 1]
Let’s pretend that the world is great,
and everybody gets along, and there is no hate,
and if you make a mistake, you get a clean slate,
every child is born with an awesome fate.
Now let's pretend we can recreate
the world back into its original state:
no wars, no fears, nobody's irate,
and kids not forced to work when they just turned eight.
Oh yeah, forget child poverty.
Children living lives to the contrary,
Kids are living free, they’re standing up tall,
big smiles on their faces just to top it all off.
And let’s pretend that this story is true.
That what I just said, we can surely do.
If we reach for the stars but don’t get through,
we’re still changing lives if we’re touchin' the moon.


[Verse 2]
Okay, let’s pretend that you’ve got this dream
and everybody tells you it’s too extreme.
They pull you down, they make you wanna scream,
but instead you focus like a laser beam.
Now let’s pretend that you just can’t fail.
Your success will be measured on the Richter scale.
You think huge, like a hump back whale,
so your dream is as certain as The Daily Mail.
Now let’s pretend that you reach your goal
and you think about doing something bigger and bold,
and everything you touch turns to gold, I don't know,
but a worthy goal is worth your heart and soul.
Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day,
and you just might only make it halfway,
but the change you make just might save the day
for someone in need, so don’t back away.


Don’t give up and never give up, y'all.
Don’t back up, and never back up, and never, and never back up.
You gotta tear it up, you gotta burn it up now.
Did you know, if you reach for the stars, you just might touch the planet Mars.

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