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   Organization: Archive Team
   [Archiveteam.jpg] Formed in 2009, the Archive Team (not to be confused
   with the Archive-It Team) is a rogue archivist collective
   dedicated to saving copies of rapidly dying or deleted websites for the
   sake of history and digital heritage. The group is 100% composed of
   volunteers and interested parties, and has expanded into a large amount
   of related projects for saving online and digital history.

   History is littered with hundreds of conflicts over the future of a
   community, group, location or business that were "resolved" when one of
   the parties stepped ahead and destroyed what was there. With the
   original point of contention destroyed, the debates would fall to the
   wayside. Archive Team believes that by duplicated condemned data, the
   conversation and debate can continue, as well as the richness and
   insight gained by keeping the materials. Our projects have ranged in
   size from a single volunteer downloading the data to a
   small-but-critical site, to over 100 volunteers stepping forward to
   acquire terabytes of user-created data to save for future generations.

   The main site for Archive Team is at and contains up to
   the date information on various projects, manifestos, plans and

   This collection contains the output of many Archive Team projects, both
   ongoing and completed. Thanks to the generous providing of disk space
   by the Internet Archive, multi-terabyte datasets can be made available,
   as well as in use by the Wayback Machine, providing a path back to lost
   websites and work.

   Our collection has grown to the point of having sub-collections for the
   type of data we acquire. If you are seeking to browse the contents of
   these collections, the Wayback Machine is the best first stop.
   Otherwise, you are free to dig into the stacks to see what you may

   The Archive Team Panic Downloads are full pulldowns of currently extant
   websites, meant to serve as emergency backups for needed sites that are
   in danger of closing, or which will be missed dearly if suddenly lost
   due to hard drive crashes or server failures.

   Collection: Archive Team: URLs

   The Wayback Machine -


                    [kissinger.jpg] Henry Kissinger page


     "The illegal we can do right now; the unconstitutional will take a
                               little longer."

                               Henry Kissinger


  [] KissingerWatch / International Campaign Against Impunity
  [] Bilderberg Conferences / Kissinger page
  [] The Trial of Henry Kissinger
  [] Appeal to revoke Henry Kissinger's Nobel Peace Prize
  [] Wanted for War Crimes - Henry Kissinger

     "It is firm and continuing policy that [the democratically elected
    government of] Allende be overthrown by a coup.... We are to continue
        to generate maximum pressure toward this end utilizing every
        appropriate resource. It is imperative that these actions be
    implemented clandestinely and securely so that the USG [United States
               Government] and American hands be well hidden."

    October 1970 cable to CIA operatives in Chile from Henry Kissinger's
                              "Track Two" group


  [] The Trial of Henry Kissinger - Christopher Hitchins
  [] BBC Documentary - The Trials of Henry Kissinger

     " Why should we flagellate ourselves for what the Cambodians did to
                                each other?"

     Henry Kissinger, about the genocide in Cambodia perpetrated by the
                        U.S.-supported Pol Pot regime

  [] Sideshow - Kissinger, Nixon & Destruction of Cambodia

  [] The Price of Power - Kissinger in the Nixon Whitehouse


  [] Kissinger and The 'Dirty War' (10/87)

  [] The Case Against Henry Kissinger - Hitchins - Part 1
  [] The Case Against Henry Kissinger - Hitchins - Part 2
  [] The Fugitive - Christopher Hitchins
  [] Court Time for Henry - Christopher Hitchins
  [] Take Him Away - book review
  [] The Pitfalls of Universal Jurisdiction - by Henry Kissinger
  [] Henry Kissinger
  [] Kissinger Declassified
  [] Pol Pot and Kissinger
  [] Kissinger and Pinochet

   "The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to
                           decide for themselves."

    "I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist
                 due to the irresponsibility of its people."

      Henry Kissinger commenting on Chile, prior to Augusto Pinochet's
       U.S.-supported / CIA-facilitated military coup against Chile's
              democratically-elected President Salvador Allende

  [] Can Henry Kissinger be Extradited? (10/98)
  [] Name That Criminal - Kissinger & Pinochet (8/99)
  [] With Friends Like These - Kissinger does Indonesia (4/00)
  [] Henry Kissinger: Portrait of a Serial Killer (5/01)
  [] Kissinger's Crimes - Henry Kissinger orchestrated global
  repression (6/01)
  [] Pushovers of the Press - media elite review Kissinger book
  with fawning gullibility (7/01)
  [] Manhattan's Milosevic (Henry Kissinger) (8/01)
  [] On World Court, U.S. Focus Shifts to Shielding Officials
  [] Henry Kissinger: Enlightened Statesman or Odious Schlumpf?
  [] Kissinger Declassified (12/04)
  [] CIA documents link Kissinger to 1970s coups - CIA's 'Family
  Jewels' (6/07)
  [] New Transcripts of Kissinger's Role in Chilean Coup (9/08)

   " Not a nut or bolt shall reach Chile under Allende. Once Allende comes
     to power we shall do all within our power to condemn Chile and all
               Chileans to utmost deprivation and poverty..."

     U.S. Ambassador to Chile, three years before the US-supported coup
                  against Chile's elected President Allende

  [] Henry Kissinger - USA - Zero

    [purpleball.gif] International War Crimes

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