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Is Psychiatry "Fake Science"?

Stress and so-called mental health issues have been in `pandemic' mode?

   By Mark Keenan
   Global Research, July 24, 2023
   Theme: History, Science and Medicine

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   With the seemingly endless fear-generating narratives of the
   corporate-owned mass media in relation to catastrophic CO2-induced
   climate change; virus pandemics; nuclear war; or whatever else they can
   come up with to keep you shivering under your sheets - is it any wonder
   that stress and so-called mental health issues have been in `pandemic'
   mode? The modern-day solution to such problems is to go to your doctor,
   and he prescribes some `bio-pharmaceutical pills' that he probably does
   not know the actual ingredients of. If the pills do not numb your
   worries, the doctor will happily send you to `mental health services',
   where a psychologist or psychiatrist gives you a diagnosis and all the
   pharmaceutical `help' you need. This `pop a pill' process has become
   ingrained in modern society.

   Even many school kids and students today are on a daily regime of
   behaviour control pills or antidepressants. God forbid your children
   display normal behaviour of energetic play and discovery. Now our kids
   are supposed to be docile automatons of the new world order technocracy
   -  to sit in class and learn nonsense that CO2 is killing the planet,
   accept fake science and fake history, and that we must be vaccinated to
   survive the next `plandemic'. Such misinformation amounts to child

   The book Godless Fake Science and the previous article Godless Fake
   Science demonstrate that much of the scientific narrative we have been
   taught from our school days onwards, is based on falsehood, and that
   the institution of `science' itself has in many ways been hijacked by
   financial interests seeking to advance their own narrative and agenda.
   This article asks the question does modern-day psychiatry belong to the
   category of fake science?

   `Psyche' means `of the soul'. Therefore, the discipline of psychology
   should really involve the study or `the science of the soul'. The
   original (not altered versions) of the ancient scriptures of the world
   have already described the science of the soul in great detail. In
   contrast to this ancient wisdom for human wellbeing, modern day
   psychology and psychiatry is steeped in the profit-making and
   drug-pushing agendas of bio-pharmaceutical corporations. It appears to
   me modern-day psychiatry has more to do with corporate profits and
   behaviour control than real science or real mental health.

   The reality is that no medical test exists for any so-called "mental
   disorder". Psychiatrists, medical doctors, and psychologists worldwide
   prescribe many different drugs based on same symptoms. This is

   An example of the potentially detrimental impact of this subjectiveness
   was recounted to me some years ago when I happened to meet a clearly
   intelligent man who had worked as a scientist for a state agency of the
   Government of Ireland. This man had been detained against his will due
   to a single opinion, that of the family doctor, in circumstances that
   appeared to be contentious, and was committed as an involuntary patient
   to a mental institute. He described to me some of the horrors of the
   experience and that, whilst he was detained, he was force-fed
   pharmaceutical drugs that he did not wish to take. Note that all such
   drugs come with potential side-effects that can be mild or serious.
   Thus, a single doctor's opinion that you are mentally ill can have
   major ramifications.

   This man later wrote about his horrific experience in a highly critical
   analysis of Irish psychiatry. His article was published by the Irish
   Times newspaper, in an article titled Psychiatric diagnosis not
   scientific but subjective, see Endnote [i]. He pointed out that
   "psychiatric diagnoses are based on the subjective interpretation of
   behaviour by third parties". The person is then seen as a "faulty
   object", with a chemical imbalance requiring a certain type of pill.
   The diagnosis can have a very dehumanising effect on someone, along
   with the stigma of a mental illness that actually has no scientific
   basis associated with it. The person is led to believe what these
   "experts" are saying.

   Worse still your children can be taken away by the `system' if they are
   `deemed' to be suffering from a mental disorder, see Endnote [ii]. A
   psychiatrist makes the decision as to whether your child is mentally
   ill or not. For example, the Irish Citizens Information portal states:

   "If the voluntary patient is a child and the parents or guardian want
   to remove them, the professional may have the child detained and placed
   in the custody of the Health Service Executive (if the professional
   considers that the child is suffering from a mental disorder)."

Revealing Quotes About Psychiatry and the Controversial DSM-IV Classification

   The following quotations easily sourced online are from academics,
   psychiatrists, psychology teachers, and doctors, and provide a notable
   condemnation of modern-day psychiatry:

   [Note: DSM-IV codes are the classification found in the Diagnostic and
   Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.]

   "There are no objective tests in psychiatry-no X-ray, laboratory, or
   exam finding that says definitively that someone does or does not have
   a mental disorder.... there is no definition of a mental disorder....
   It's bull--. I mean, you just can't define it." -- Allen Frances,
   Psychiatrist and former DSM-IV Task Force Chairman

   "DSM-IV is the fabrication upon which psychiatry seeks acceptance by
   medicine in general. Insiders know it is more a political than
   scientific document... DSM-IV has become a bible and a money making
   bestseller--its major failings notwithstanding."-- Loren Mosher, M.D.,
   Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

   "It's not science. It's politics and economics. That's what psychiatry
   is: politics and economics. Behavior control, it is not science, it is
   not medicine."-- Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus

   "everyone with an interest in mental health should at least be aware of
   the Szaszian critique of the mental health industry... medicine is a
   real science that deals with biological phenomena, especially cellular
   pathology... Now take a look at the DSM and one will immediately note
   that the DSM is not based at all on cellular pathology... For many of
   the conditions, organic explanations are to be RULED OUT in order for a
   DSM diagnosis to be given... Crucial for Szasz is that the attribution
   of disease then legitimizes in psychiatrists and other mental health
   professionals the power of social control. By labeling others as
   "sick", we can lock them away, force drugs upon them, and separate them
   from "normal" people like us because there is something fundamentally
   wrong with them. And we can justify it all in the name of science. But
   really it is about social control. The mental health industry
   manufactures illnesses to legitimize and feed itself and it serves
   those in power via social control of deviants.... according to Szasz,
   the science of mental sickness is all metaphor and the emperor has no
   clothes.... while the Emperor might not be completely naked, it seems
   to me he is often down to his skivvies." - Gregg Henriques, Ph.D.,
   directs the Combined Clinical and School Psychology Doctoral Program at
   James Madison University.

   "In reality, psychiatric diagnosing is a kind of spiritual profiling
   that can destroy lives and frequently does." -- Peter Breggin,

   "...modern psychiatry has yet to convincingly prove the
   genetic/biologic cause of any single mental illness... Patients [have]
   been diagnosed with `chemical imbalances' despite the fact that no test
   exists to support such a claim, and...there is no real conception of
   what a correct chemical balance would look like." -- Dr. David Kaiser,

   "There's no biological imbalance. When people come to me and they say,
   `I have a biochemical imbalance,' I say, `Show me your lab tests.'
   There are no lab tests. So what's the biochemical imbalance?" -- Dr.
   Ron Leifer, Psychiatrist

   "Virtually anyone at any given time can meet the criteria for bipolar
   disorder or ADHD. Anyone. And the problem is everyone diagnosed with
   even one of these `illnesses' triggers the pill dispenser." -- Dr.
   Stefan Kruszewski, Psychiatrist

   "No behavior or misbehavior is a disease or can be a disease. That's
   not what diseases are. Diseases are malfunctions of the human body, of
   the heart, the liver, the kidney, the brain. Typhoid fever is a
   disease. Spring fever is not a disease; it is a figure of speech, a
   metaphoric disease. All mental diseases are metaphoric diseases,
   misrepresented as real diseases and mistaken for real diseases." --
   Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, best known for coining
   the term the "myth of mental illness

   "It has occurred to me with forcible irony that psychiatry has quite
   literally lost its mind, and along with it the minds of the patients
   they are presumably supposed to care for."-- David Kaiser, Psychiatrist

   "All psychiatrists have in common that when they are caught on camera
   or on microphone, they cower and admit that there are no such things as
   chemical imbalances/diseases, or examinations or tests for them. What
   they do in practice, lying in every instance, abrogating [revoking] the
   informed consent right of every patient and poisoning them in the name
   of `treatment' is nothing short of criminal."-- Dr Fred Baughman Jr.,
   Paediatric Neurologist

   "Psychiatry makes unproven claims that depression, bipolar illness,
   anxiety, alcoholism and a host of other disorders are in fact primarily
   biologic and probably genetic in origin...This kind of faith in science
   and progress is staggering, not to mention naive and perhaps
   delusional." -- Dr. David Kaiser, psychiatrist

   "In short, the whole business of creating psychiatric categories of
   `disease,' formalizing them with consensus, and subsequently ascribing
   diagnostic codes to them, which in turn leads to their use for
   insurance billing, is nothing but an extended racket furnishing
   psychiatry a pseudo-scientific aura. The perpetrators are, of course,
   feeding at the public trough."-- Dr. Thomas Dorman, internist and
   member of the Royal College of Physicians of the UK

   "I believe, until the public and psychiatry itself see that DSM labels
   are not only useless as medical `diagnoses' but also have the potential
   to do great harm--particularly when they are used as means to deny
   individual freedoms, or as weapons by psychiatrists acting as hired
   guns for the legal system." -- Dr. Sydney Walker III, psychiatrist

   "The way things get into the DSM is not based on blood test or brain
   scan or physical findings. It's based on descriptions of behavior. And
   that's what the whole psychiatry system is."-- Dr. Colin Ross,

   "No biochemical, neurological, or genetic markers have been found for
   Attention Deficit Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Depression,
   Schizophrenia, anxiety, compulsive alcohol and drug abuse, overeating,
   gambling or any other so-called mental illness, disease, or disorder."
   -- Bruce Levine, Ph.D., psychologist and author of Commonsense

   "Unlike medical diagnoses that convey a probable cause, appropriate
   treatment and likely prognosis, the disorders listed in DSM-IV [and
   ICD-10] are terms arrived at through peer consensus."-- Tana Dineen
   Ph.D., psychologist

   "The greater the number of treatment facilities and the more widely
   they are known, the larger the number of persons seeking their
   services. Psychotherapy is the only form of treatment which, to some
   extent, appears to create the illness it treats." - Dr. Jerome Frank of
   the Johns-Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore

   "Psychiatry and psychology are the most lucrative professions in
   America, and among all professionals, the highest suicide rate is found
   among psychiatrists and psychologists" - Chaitanya Charan das, Author

Was Psychologist Sigmund Freud a Fraud?

   "The entire system of classical psycho-analytical thought rests on
   nothing more substantial than Freud's word that it is true. And that is
   why the late Nobelist in medicine Sir Peter Medawar famously condemned
   that system as a stupendous intellectual confidence trick." - Frederick
   Crews, Professor Emeritus of English, University of California

   Sigmund Freud

   Let us consider the work of the famous Jewish psychologist, Sigmund
   Freud (1856-1939), upon which much of modern-day psychiatry and
   psycho-analysis is based. His ideas have had a significant impact upon
   modern society. In his writings Freud confesses to a definite sexual
   longing for his mother, and because of this he assumed that all men
   did. This unscientific piece of Freudian perversion was promoted to
   such an extent it became embedded into modern-day psychology. Why
   should the whole world have to accept this theory based on Freud's
   confession of his own perverted state? Throughout human history such
   thoughts have been considered by traditional society as being
   preposterous and morally unacceptable, but to Freud it seemed
   completely natural. Freud said:

   "I have found in my own case too, the phenomena of being in love with
   my mother and jealous of my father, and I now consider it to be a
   universal event... ".

   Freud's notion is unscientific and lacking a shred of evidence, yet the
   entire rest of the world has been painted into the picture of Freudian
   psychology. Freud also asserted that it would better for people if they
   had sexual relations with both genders. Again, this was asserted with
   no evidence. In fact, many scientists and academics have questioned the
   legitimacy of Freudian psychoanalysis, for example, Frank L. Cioffi of
   Princeton University author of the book Freud and the Question of
   Pseudo-science. The following are revealing comments about Freud by
   prolific academics and notable personalities:

   "He [Freud] was for many years an enthusiastic user [of cocaine] to the
   point where his nose bled and became filled with pus - which he treated
   with more cocaine...Freud's friend Ernst von Fleischl-Marxov
   (1846-1891) had become despairing addict after Freud had prescribed
   cocaine as medicine for a painful hand tumor. There is no doubt that
   the addiction brought about his early death.... Freuds neurotic
   dysfunctions manifested themselves in unusual behavior patterns and in
   psychosomatic ailments - particularly those affecting the mouth, the
   genitals and the anus... more often than not he was chronically
   depressed and bad tempered." - David McCalden (1951-1991), Writer

   "No one has yet evaluated the hallucinatory effects of cocaine on
   Freuds mind during the formative years of psychoanalysis. Without
   cocaine, could Freud have created such improbable flights of human
   fancy?" - Martin L. Gross, writer and former Associate Professor of
   Social Science at New York University.

   "[On Freudian theory] "I think it's such a narcissistic indulgence that
   I cannot believe in it" - Sophie Freud, grand-daughter of Sigmund
   Freud, PhD from Florence Heller School for Social Welfare

   "A major contributor to the present-day tendency to accept and
   encourage homosexuality is Dr. Sigmund Freud... In other words,
   homosexuality was no longer to be considered an illegal form of
   debauchery or perversion in which one willingly engaged a person of his
   own sex..." - Dr. Tim LaHaye, Author

   "I don't want an elderly gentleman from Vienna with an umbrella
   inflicting his dreams upon me" - Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977),
   novelist, critic, from an aristocratic Russian family

   "[Freudian belief and psychoanalysis] were never a science. Freud was a
   fashion, and then he became unfashionable, completely absurd." - Sonu
   Shamdasani PhD, a historian of psychology and a research associate at

   "To me, psychoanalysis is a hoax - the biggest hoax ever played on
   humanity. By showing who analysts are, how they work, what they
   believe, and what they have done, I hope to show Freud as a fraud. If I
   succeed, I am idealistic enough to hope that the world may return to
   the belief in love, ideals, good taste and courtesy - the `books' that
   have been burned by the Freudian Inquisition." - Edward R. Pinckney MD

   "The seduction stories that provide the proffered empirical basis of
   the Oedipal complex were in fact a construction by Freud who then
   interpreted his patients' distress on hearing his constructions as
   confirmation. Freud then deceptively obscured the fact that his
   patients' stories were reconstructions and interpretations based on his
   a priori theory. He also retro-actively changed the identity of the
   fancied seducers from non-family members (servants, etc.) when his
   oedipal story required fathers instead... What started out as
   speculation in need of empirical support ended up as a fundamental a
   priori assumption.

   Now 100 years after its inception, the theory of the Oedipal complex,
   childhood sexuality, and the sexual etiology of neuroses remain without
   any independent empirical validation.... the idea that children would
   have a specifical sexual attraction to their opposite sex parent is
   extremely implausible... Freud has been the most overrated figure in
   the entire history of science and medicine, one who wrought immense
   harm through the propagation of false etiologies, mistaken diagnoses,
   and fruitless lines of inquiry... psycho-analysis has a lot to answer
   for... since its inception, psycho-analysis has been denounced as a

   By the early 1960s philosophers of science such as Michael Polanyi,
   Karl Popper, Ernst Nagel and Sidney Hook had noted the
   self-authenticating nature of psychoanalytical assertion. More
   recently, highly critical accounts of psychoanalysis from Henri
   Ellenberger (1970), Frank Sulloway (1992/1979), Adolph Grunbaum (1984),
   Frank Cioffi (1969, 1970, 1972), and most recently, Malcolm MacMillan
   (1991) have appeared."

   - Professor Kevin MacDonald PhD, Department of Psychology CSU-Long

   "They are translating this Freud's philosophy, pig civilization." -
   Srila Prabhupada, Renowned Spiritual Leader and Vedic scholar

   "I think that Sigmund Freud had sexual conflicts within himself which
   he did not resolve. His belief in constitutional bisexuality, for
   example, was an excuse for certain personal traits." - Dr. Harold M.
   Voth, a Freudian psychiatrist at the Menninger Foundation

   "I dimly sensed some slight feminine aspect in his manner and
   movements." Modern critics suggest that present-day Freudians are
   influenced by Freud's "feminine, passive feelings" so much that they
   "regard masculine assertiveness and aggression as a neurotic
   manifestation." - Freud's biographer, Ernest Jones

   "No one has yet evaluated the hallucinatory effects of cocaine on
   Freud's mind during the formative years of psychoanalysis." - Martin L.
   Gross, author of The Psychological Society

   "Dr. Voth is convinced that Freud displayed `a considerable degree of
   femininity' in his personality, a trait that has colored the entire
   profession by making what he calls the `neurotically troubled' Dr.
   Freud a model... Those driving needs have infiltrated the psyche of
   millions of individuals as well, remaking much of our personalities in
   his image. By offering his catalog of foibles as the symbols of
   normality, Freud achieved immortality...

   The portrait that emerges is one of a man driven by the furies of
   hostility and envy, weighed down by depression, death wishes, phobias
   and severe debilitating neuroses. He was professionally distorted by
   his extreme surreptitiousness and gullibility -- the antithesis of a
   man of science. Freud the man is more the unhappy philosopher than the
   intrepid researcher who society thought would unlock the key to our
   confused behavior."

   - Jewish author Martin L. Gross and Dr. Harold M. Voth, a Freudian
   psychiatrist at the Menninger Foundation

   "There is little question but that a good deal of the impetus for the
   discovery of psychoanalysis came from Freud's general hostility toward
   Christianity..." - Stanley Rothman, in an article Group Fantasies and
   Jewish Radicalism published in the Fall 1978 issue of The Journal of

   "The psychoanalyst Sandor Ferenczi reports a statement by Freud from
   1932 that referred to patients as "rabble" and "only good for
   money-earning and studying." From 1884 onward, Freud was in effect a
   snake-oil salesman. He then began experimenting with cocaine... Michel
   Onfray, an author who wrote a comprehensive and critical monograph on
   Freud in 2010, documented deaths from his gross misdiagnosis...
   Psychotherapy was a potpourri of techniques lifted from previous
   colleagues, laced with a heavy dose of sexual fixations, most of them
   exclusively Jewish in nature... Soon using a charade of the scientific
   method, Freud began to surmise that most of his patients' problems were
   sexual in nature...

   Freud obviously experienced Oedipal lust... he then suffered the
   delusion that his abnormality was normal and universal... Freud told
   his colleague Karl Abraham that "too many of us are Jews. I don't want
   Psychoanalysis to become a Jewish national affair....
   The Israeli philosophy professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz went even further
   and held that Freud psychoanalysis was "primarily a Jewish money-making
   scheme", and that's a "bad sign for (us) Jews." He went on to say that
   psychoanalysis was "entirely in the hands of the Jews" and has "brought
   unspeakable suffering to millions of people."

   - Richard Boyden, in an article which he says is based in part on David
   McCalden's treatise Exiles From History, see Endnote [iii].

   Conclusion: It appears the profession been infected by a disciplic
   succession of Freudian quackery.

The Sex Delusion

   In addition, Freud and his financial backers promoted the concept that
   orgasm is necessary for health. Such Freudian narratives have
   proliferated in this current sex-dominated culture, and some people
   are, thus, under the impression that the more sex, the better it is for
   their health and wellbeing.

   We all have freewill to make our own personal choices, however, it
   appears to me that this assertion by Freud's also has no scientific
   basis. In regard to this I note a book titled Brain Gain by the
   American writer, academic and spiritual leader, Dr. Dane Holtzman,
   better known as Danavir Goswami. The book provides evidence that the
   opposite is the case - that overindulgence in sex can lead to health
   disorders, including nervous disorders, via loss of vital bodily
   fluids. It is asserted with references from physicians that wasting
   vital bodily fluids decreases vitality and immunity because it involves
   the loss of precious proteins, lipoids, cholesterin, and minerals.

   It is cited that dozens of geniuses throughout history practiced
   celibacy for this reason, including Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle,
   Beethoven, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Pascal,
   Spinoza, Kant, Thoreau, Handel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Sidis, Tesla,
   who all lived celibate lives to transmute their sexual energy into
   intellectual development. In the spiritual domain, Jesus Christ,
   Sukadeva Goswami, prophets Elijah and Elisha, John the Baptist, and
   many more were celibate. Chaste women of prolific fame include, Joan of
   Arc, Queen Elizabeth I, Florence Nightingale, Draupadi, Sita, Saint
   Teresa, Emily Dickinson, Mirabai, Saint Catherine, Mother Teresa and
   the Virgin Mary.

   "To control the sexual impulse efficiently has always been and ever
   will be regarded as the highest test of human wisdom" - Auguste Comte,
   French Philosopher

   Note also that cholesterol is a vital substance in the brain. In fact,
   the brain has the highest cholesterol content of any organ in the body.
   Most of the brain's cholesterol exists in the axons of nerve cells.
   According to a 2014 study, titled Cholesterol in brain disease:
   sometimes determinant and frequently implicated, see Endnote [iv].

   "Cholesterol is essential for neuronal physiology, both during
   development and in the adult life... defects in brain cholesterol
   metabolism may contribute to neurological syndromes."

   It is also commonly known in the sport of boxing that a fighter, in
   order to retain his strength, should not engage in sexual relations
   before a fight. It appears there is valid science behind this
   instruction. If we accept the research detailed in Brain Gain, then
   Freud's popularized assertion has most probably resulted in an increase
   in mental health problems! Could it be that Freud was actually the one
   with a mental disorder? Why he was compelled to talk endlessly of
   perversion? Karl Jung, a psychiatrist who founded analytical
   psychology, noted the following:

   "Freud never asked himself why he was compelled to talk continually of
   sex, why this idea had taken such possession of him. He remained
   unaware that his monotony of interpretation expressed a flight from
   himself..." - Carl Jung, Psychiatrist

   Freud's work is also an inversion of original Christian values and of
   traditional values that existed world-wide for thousands of years,
   including the values of ancient Vedic cultures.

   "... the body is not for fornication... Flee fornication... he that
   committeth fornication sinneth against his own body. What? Know ye not
   that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which
   ye have of God, and ye are not your own?" - (Bible: Book of 1st
   Corinthians 13, 18, 19)

   "The union, then, of male and female for the purpose of procreation is
   the natural good of marriage. But he who makes a bad use of this good
   who uses it bestially, so that his intention is on the gratification of
   lust." - Saint Augustine, Christian Saint

   "The practice of chastity is counselled by Christ, taught by His
   example, and practiced by the Apostles." - Saint Francis, Christian

   "Adultery and fornication are forbidden for a number of reasons. First
   of all, because they destroy the soul; "He that is an adulterer, for
   the folly of his heart shall destroy his own soul."... which is
   whenever the flesh dominates the spirit... Thirdly, these sins consume
   his substance, just as happened to the prodigal son in that `he wasted
   his substance living riotously." - Saint Thomas Aquinas, Christian

   "When veerya [vital fluid] is not used, it is all transmuted into ojas
   sakti or spiritual energy and stored up in the brain... loss of memory,
   premature old age, and various nervous diseases are attributable to the
   heavy loss of this fluid" - His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda

   "... in Vedic times, sex was meant for procreation, not recreation....
   We would do well to remember that our so-called primitive ancestors
   were not brainwashed by the maddening media blitz saturated with covert
   and overt sexual overtones... Apart from sanctified procreation, the
   institution of marriage was meant for gratification of the bodily sex
   drive in a regulated, religious way. This would gradually help both the
   spouses to realize the futility of all bodily enjoyment and help each
   other to advance together on the journey back to Krishna (God). " -
   Chaitanya Charan das, Author

   In contrast to the modern sex-culture, original scriptures inform us
   that sex should be reserved only for the creation of children.
   Furthermore, and tragically, the frantic culture of
   carnal-gratification in modern times seems to have degraded our most
   precious faculty - love itself. How can young men and young women find
   a stable path in such an environment? The ephemeral nature of it all is
   likely to leave a void in the heart.

   For example, in ancient Vedic cultures young men were trained as a
   brahmacarya until the age of 25. Brahmacarya life involved conduct
   consistent with the divine path of God-consciousness; and becoming
   expert in learning, military arts, administration, spiritual
   counselling, etc., according to each man's individual qualities. By
   remaining celibate until the age of 25, men became physically and
   intellectually stronger not weaker - their energy was not wasted on
   promiscuity and needless sex. At that point many men would then marry
   and sex was only then for the purpose of raising a (God-conscious)
   family - it was not to be done needlessly. Vedic culture also utilized
   specific dietary habits to avoid stimulating sex desire, see Endnote
   [v] for details.

The Climate Politics of Milk - Seeking Sustenance for a Healthy Brain

   In ancient times, cows were revered and they provided the miracle food
   of high-quality cholesterol-rich milk with all the nutrients the human
   body needs, and which was beneficial to the brain and higher thinking.
   Ancient brahmans and sages could live on milk alone. To this day, in
   Ayurvedic medicine ghee, which is made from milk, it is used to improve
   memory and reduce mental tension. For thousands of years mankind drank
   raw milk - any impurities can be eliminated by simply boiling it prior
   to drinking it and this is the best way to drink milk. The cows were
   not vaccinated, and the milk did not go through the modern
   enzyme-destroying process of pasteurization, which can make the milk
   harder to digest for some people. In ancient cultures worldwide, cows
   were not regarded as mere commercial commodities to be sold and
   exploited, rather they were an essential part of a functioning

   Modern-day commercial dairy farming can involve the use of growth
   hormones, man-made chemicals, pesticides on the farm, vaccination of
   the cows, GMOs, etc.; and it appears to me the milk is of poorer
   quality for it. We have consumed raw milk for at least 5,000 years, but
   today it is illegal in various countries to sell or produce raw milk -
   for example, this is the case in Canada, under the Food and Drug
   Regulations since 1991. I note also that in the US, in 2011, Judge
   Patrick J. Fiedler made an astonishing unjust ruling, where he judged
   "no, plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to produce and consume
   the foods of your choice... no right to contract with a farmer... no
   right to own a cow". Three weeks later, he resigned from his position
   as a judge and joined a law firm that represents Monsanto, a major
   producer of rBGH growth hormones for commercial dairy cows, see Endnote
   [vi]. In response to such injustice, some towns in the US have been
   approving food sovereignty initiatives that allow food producers to
   sell food without federal or state interference.

   I note also the current UN-inspired, plan, voiced by the Irish
   Department of Agriculture, and the Irish Environmental Protection
   Agency, to kill 200,000 dairy cows in Ireland in a murderously deluded
   attempt to stop manmade climate change. The reality is that methane
   emissions from cows do not cause climate change. See also the book
   Transcending the Climate Deception Toward Real Sustainability. There
   are many farmers and independent groups in Ireland that know this, yet
   the Irish government appears to have shut out all debate on climate
   change, and it seems will pay 5,000 euros ($5,622) for each cow killed,
   in this psychotic onslaught. Psychosis being defined as an acute or
   chronic mental state marked by loss of contact with reality.

What Causes Depression? Links Between Toxicity in the Body and Mental Health

   I am not doctor, I am not here to provide medical advice, this article
   is simply based on my own experience and initial research, yet I note
   the words of Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus (1920 -
   2012) best known for coining the term the "myth of mental illness. He

   "No behavior or misbehavior is a disease or can be a disease. That's
   not what diseases are... All mental diseases are metaphoric diseases,
   misrepresented as real diseases and mistaken for real diseases."

   Was Szasz correct in his analysis? Tens of millions of people are
   prescribed bio-pharmaceutical drugs to address so-called mental health
   issues. such as depression, anxiety etc. However, it appears to me that
   such drugs do not address the underlying cause of such issues.
   Furthermore, it seems that no one really knows what exactly causes
   depression. We hear about factors such as biochemical imbalance,
   stress, and genetic predisposition, but where is the scientific basis?
   Could there be another cause not acknowledged by the profession? What
   about environmental factors?

   Consider that industrial globalization has produced many substances
   that are registered as pollutants, including thousands of new man-made
   chemical compounds, toxins, nano-particles and genetically modified
   organisms (GMOs) that are in violation of the scientific pre-cautionary
   principle.  Over the past tens of thousands of years, the human body
   has never been exposed to these new substances so we do not know the
   long-term effects. UN environmental law instruments are largely
   impotent in safe-guarding human health and nature from the vast scale
   of rampant corporate technological pollution. Instead, the UN focuses
   on the bogus manmade climate change due to CO2, and methane from cows,
   agenda, see this article.

   I note that depression has been linked to the proliferation of toxins
   that exist in the modern environment that we are exposed to. A study
   titled Environmental Chemicals and Nervous System Dysfunction published
   in The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, see Endnote [vii], states:

   "The etiology of many neurological and/ or psychiatric disorders is
   obscure or completely unknown. Affected patients frequently have
   nonspecific complaints that are easily passed off as being minor,
   temporary, psychosomatic, due to stress, etc. However, these same
   subtle symptoms may be the first signs of intoxication with
   environmental and occupational chemicals. The medical community should
   become sensitized to considering nervous system toxicants as a source
   of these otherwise unexplainable symptoms, and evidence for
   occupational and environmental exposures must be included in the
   differential diagnosis of neurological diseases. The toxicity of the
   compounds mentioned in this review is now well known, but they may
   represent only the "tip of the iceberg."

   Exposure to toxic heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, and arsenic are
   known to cause anxiety and/or depression. Government literatures do
   warn us of neurotoxicity, for example, the US National Advisory
   Neurological Disorders and Stroke Council website, see Endnote [viii],

   "Neurotoxicity occurs when the exposure to natural or manmade toxic
   substances (neurotoxicants) alters the normal activity of the nervous
   system. This can eventually disrupt or even kill neurons (nerve cells)
   which are important for transmitting and processing signals in the
   brain and other parts of the nervous system. Neurotoxicity can result
   from exposure to substances used in chemotherapy, radiation treatment,
   drug therapies, and organ transplants, as well as exposure to heavy
   metals such as lead and mercury, certain foods and food additives,
   pesticides, industrial and/or cleaning solvents, cosmetics, and some
   naturally occurring substances."

   It appears that the neurotoxic factor is rarely considered by doctors
   or psychiatrists in relation to mental health and depression. This may
   be because environmental health is not usually taught in medical
   education. To make matters even more complicated, a depressed mood is
   actually a common side effect of the bio-pharmaceutical medications
   that are prescribed to combat depression, see Endnote [ix].

The Psychology of the Soul

   Remember `psyche' means `of the soul'. According to psychotherapist
   Neal M. Goldsmith Ph.D: "Before Wilhelm Wundt opened the first
   experimental psychology laboratory in 1879, there was no academic
   discipline of psychology separate from philosophy and biology. Perhaps
   it should have stayed like that for a while longer at least."

   In conclusion, it appears to me that modern-day psychiatry is fake
   science and that for our wellbeing we need to re-embrace the true
   `science of the soul'. It can only benefit us to remember our true
   identity as an eternal soul - as children of God - that is the science
   of self-realisation. Wellbeing is the natural psychological state of
   the God-conscious soul, and despite external circumstances, the soul
   itself is never damaged by external temporalities. In this realization
   the self is protected from the mental ills of this current topsy-turvy
   world of chaos, fake science, and greed. Furthermore, a common thread
   in both the Christian scriptures and the ancient Vedic scriptures is
   that God protects his sincere devotees.

   "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in
   barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more
   valuable than they?" - Matthew 6:26

   "We know that God's children do not make a practice of sinning, for
   God's Son holds them securely, and the evil one cannot touch them." -
   John 5:18

   "this very Supreme Personality of Godhead is the supreme controller,
   the supremely worshipable, all-cognizant, fully determined, fully
   opulent, the emblem of forgiveness, the protector of surrendered souls,
   munificent, true to His promise," - from the Nectar of Devotion by
   Srila Prabhupada, Spiritual leader in the tradition of Vedic


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   Mark Keenan is a former scientist at the UK Government Dept. of Energy
   and Climate Change, and at the United Nations Environment Division. He
   is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization

   He is author of the following books available on Amazon:
     * Transcending the Climate Change Deception Toward Real
     * CO2 Climate Hoax - How Bankers Hijacked the Real Environment
     * No Worries No Virus
     * Demonic Economics and the Tricks of the Bankers
     * Godless Fake Science
     * Godless Fake Science and the Vedic Path of Truth


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   are aphrodisiacal stimulants. Note that eminent Danish nutritionist
   Mikkel Hindhede (1862-1945), stated "we must conclude that sex in its
   ordinary manifestation among civilised human beings is not the product
   of natural instinct that it is generally supposed to be but is a
   chemotropism evoked or conditioned reflex (in Pavlov's sense) evoked in
   response to aphrodisiacal stimulation by foods and beverages,
   especially animal proteins, alcohol, coffee, and also tobacco. This
   tropistic reaction, in both its physical and psychical aspects, is
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   The original source of this article is Global Research
   Copyright (c) Mark Keenan, Global Research, 2023

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